We are often contacted by our customers with questions concerning the handling of our products. Informations about the most important issues can be found in this section. The following usage instructions are mainly intended for the foam latex masks we offer. These foam latex masks are characterized by their ease of use. They can be put on in a few moments, as demonstrated in the animated picture shown below. Due to the soft and flexible foam latex, the mask fits relatively well onto your own skin and around your eyes to create a realistic disguise. According to our experience, problems with the fitting of the mask only occur when used by people with a rather small head circumference. If you are unsure of which mask you should should take, please contact us via the contact form and we will give you a further advise. The mask featured in the animated picture can be found in our store by following this [link].

- What size are the masks?
The masks are unisize for adult heads. Due to the flexiblity of the latex, the masks will adjust to the size and form of your head. Some of the masks are slightly larger that most heads (e.g. to simulate a disproportionally large head)

- Are there circumstance where those masks might not be suited for me?
Please take note that the masks are not suited for you if you react allergic to latex or rubber.

- What is the expected product life of the masks?
The product life of the masks is limited, as the latex will get brittle after some time. You can extend the lifetime if you protect the mask from direct sunlight or frost freeze and store the mask without applying pressure to it.

If you have any further questions, please send us an email! We will reply immediately.

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