Beelzebub Latex Mask

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An outcast among demons, Beelzebub is the rabid butcher of flesh. This skillfully constructed latex mask is painted in visceral detail, down to the white froth in his mouth and the pale creases of his skin. Ignored throughout his youth for the lack of red-pigment in his skin, this albino cultivated an aberrant hatred for anything that moves. Escaped at last from his otherworldly home, he roams the human world freely in search of new victims.

Product Description:

This mask is the perfect complement for a Halloween costume, but it may also be used for decoration. It was skillfully hand painted with attention to the details. The mask covers the entire head while it is being worn. There are small slits above the eyes to look through and holes for air circulation, to make it more convenient to wear this mask. This Halloween Mask is rather big, therefore it fits the medium to large head sizes best. The latex which was used to produce this mask is not very flexible, because of this it is not possible to transform facial movements onto the mask.

This Halloween article is not a toy. It is not suitable to be used by children. We do not recommend to wear this mask if your are allergic against latex or if you suffer from claustrophobia.

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Material: Latex Rubber

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