Bodybuilder Realistic Latex Mask

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Face covering latex mask produced out of skin colored foam latex. A certain similiarity to the senator of an american federal state and former actor of austrian heritage can't be denied.

High quality latex human face mask

We offer you this fantastic muscle man latex mask which enables you to change your face and your whole appearance within seconds. Your friends, relatives, colleagues and anybody else will no longer be able to realize it's actually you. Our masks can be combined with wigs, goggles, sunglasses, hats, baseball caps and other accessories, in order to make the illusion perfect!


The offered foam latex masks cannot be compared to half masks and cheaper, mostly asian made carnival masks made out of PVC. Our mask has a realistic skin color and was created by a professional make-up artist, produced in laborious hand work. Comparable masks are and were used in film and television productions. Due to the nature of the material, the masks are relatively flexible, fit on most heads and are relatively comfortable to wear. Facial expressions are partially transmitted onto the mask.


No matter what you intend to do with this mask, one thing is certain: you are going to have lots of fun, guaranteed!Perfect to play a prank on someone!



The product is cleared for private, noncommercial use.

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