Halloween Horror Mask 'Warden of the Tomb'

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In order to make a full impression in this mask, it’s recommended that you go a week without showering and maybe roll around in your own feces before wearing it. Piet is blind in one eye, senile, and fancies himself a guard of the dead. You can imagine how well-loved he is in his community. He roams through the graveyard every night after midnight, climbing over tombstones, digging into fresh graves, and screeching like a tiny monkey at any-and-all noises. The neighbors tried once to catch him and put him away, but with the combination of his fetid odor and sharp teeth he proved impossible to contain.


Product Description:
This mask is the perfect complement for a Halloween costume, but it may also be used for decoration. It was skillfully hand painted with attention to the details. The mask covers the entire head while it is being worn. There are small slits above the eyes to look through and holes for air circulation, to make it more convenient to wear this mask. This Halloween Mask is rather big, therefore it fits the medium to large head sizes best. The latex which was used to produce this mask is not very flexible, because of this it is not possible to transform facial movements onto the mask.

This Halloween article is not a toy. It is not suitable to be used by children. We do not recommend to wear this mask if your are allergic against latex or if you suffer from claustrophobia.

If you want to buy the mask which is displayed in the picture, please place the desired quantity into the shopping cart and follow the instructions. Please use the contact form to write a message to us, if you have any questions about this product or the ordering process.

Material: Latex Rubber


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