"Jigsaw Puppet" SAW Licensed Movie Mask

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High Quality SAW Mask

We offer an original SAW mask. The SAW jigsaw mask is based on the movie character 'Billy', as seen in the famous SAW horror movies. The horrible jigsaw puppet 'Billy' is one of the central figures in the saw movies. 'Billy' is the character through which the manic serial killer communicates the rules of his deadly games to the involuntary participants. With this mask you are now able to impersonate the scary SAW puppet, be it for halloween or carnival.

The distinctive feature of this mask is its eerie appearance, which is also augmented by the dark eye-sockets and the unique cheeks. The SAW mask could be a perfect extension to your halloween costume. The mask is made out of rubber pvc and comes with artificial hair attached to the back of the mask. There are openings for the eyes, the mouth and the nose to facilitate breathing and seeing. The SAW jigsaw mask is available as unisize item for adults.

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